Changanan Co., Ltd.

        Chang Anan Co., Ltd. has been in the printing business for more than 30 years and has vast experience in printing on fabrics of various types, such as cotton, natural silk, linen, polyester, nylon, blended fabrics, and stretch fabrics.
        It is a big convenience for customers to be able to get quality prints for all these fabrics in one single place.
        In 2016, the company expanded and opened a new factory in its current location.The new location created a lot more space to work in and made it possible to offermore services.

Chang Anan Co., Ltd has started an interior decoration department for printing materials such as glass and wood panels, aluminum sheets and ceramic tiles and even wall paper. The possibilities are endless.

Architects and interior designers & decorators have a whole new range of styles and options to choose from, we are ready to assist with all projects, big ro small.
Lastly, the company also offers training and a laboratory for students or others interested in digital printing to help them develop their capabilities in this exciting field.
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02 408 9687

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